Plastic Shims

Colour coded from polyester films to meet the particular demands of the engineering, automotive, electrical and electronic industries, our plastic shim is remarkably tough with very high compression and dielectric strengths, very low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures, with good resistance to most chemicals, ozone, direct sunlight, etc. Our plastic shim sheet is available in packets or rolls and is ideal for use as shim packers. We also offer a range of metal shim stock, including stainless steel shim kits and brass shim sheets.

plastic shims
plastic shims
plastic shim stock
plastic packing shims

Typical specification of plastic (Polymex) shims (the below properties are typical and no warranty is given or to be implied with respect to this information)

Relative density 1.40kg/m2
Water Absorption 0.60% (1 week 24oC)
Service Temperature -70oC to 130oC
Melting point 265oC

The above chart is a guide only.  Data Sheets are available upon request.

For sizes .001″ to .012″ (Material Specification Sheet A)

For sizes .015″ to .080″ (Material Specification Sheet B)




Thickness Colour 600mm x 1200mm
.025mm .001″ Purple  PS025
 .037mm  .0015″  Pink  PS037
 .05mm  .002″  Dark Blue  PS050
 .063mm  .0025′”  Black  PS063
 .075mm  .003″  Green  PS075
 .100mm  .004″  Amber  PS100
 .125mm  .005″  Brown  PS125
 .150mm  .006″  Clear  PS150
 .175mm  .007″  Peacock Blue  PS175
 .190mm  .0075″  Hazy  PS190
 .200mm  .008″  Tint Blue  PS200
 .225mm  .009″  Silver  PS225
 .250mm  .010″  White  PS250
.300mm .012″ Dark Green PS300
.350mm 0.14″ Natural PS350
.375mm .015″ Red PS375
.500mm .020″ Yellow PS500
.625mm .025″ Light Grey PS625
.750mm .030″ Light Blue PS750
1.00mm .040″ Tan PS1.00
1.25mm .050″ Charcoal Grey PS1.25
1.50mm .060″ Cream  PS1.50



Part # Packaged
PSASS12 200mm x 300mm  x 12 piece packet

2 x .05mm, .075mm, .125mm, .25mm
1 x .50mm, .625mm, .75mm, 1.00mm


For a quote or for more information on our plastic shim options and plastic shim sheets, contact us today on 02 4646 1166.