Brass Shim Stock

Our brass shim sheet is available in a range of sizes and sold in packets or continuous rolls. Brass is a copper-based alloy with zinc being the essential secondary ingredient.  The addition of zinc to copper creates a lower cost alloy with superior cold working strength to copper but at the expense of reduced conductivity.  C26000 has excellent ductility and strength and is the most widely used of the brasses.  It has a distinctive bright yellow colour and is ideal for shims, gaskets, solder mask for circuit boards, washers and can be drawn or spun. We also offer stainless steel shim and copper shim stock.

brass shims
brass shim
brass shim stock
ppshim brass shim stock
brass shim rolls
150mm and 300mm brass shim rolls
Rolled brass shim

Typical Chemical Analysis (% by weight) AS1572-1998

(Chemical Analysis is a guide only)








68.5-71.5 0.05 (max) 0.05 (max) remainder


(C26000, 70/30)

Brass Shim stock is cold rolled to a half hard temper of 110-130 VPN.  Supplied in a range of sizes from .050mm (.002″) –  .508mm (.020″) and is sold in a variety of ways from convenient packets to continuous metres to suit your requirements.

BRASS – Rolls

Also available in continuous metres

 Thickness 150mm x 1 metre  300mm x 1 metre
.050mm .002″ BR05 BR053
.076mm .003″ BR08 BR083
.102mm .004″ BR10 BR103
.127mm .005″ BR12 BR123
.152mm .006″ BR16 BR163
.208mm .008″ BR20 BR203
.254mm .010″ BR25 BR253
.305mm .012″ BR30 BR303
.381mm .015″ BR40 BR403
.508mm .020″ BR50 BR503

BRASS – Packets

Thickness Part # Packaged
.050mm .002″ BP05 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.076mm .003″ BP08 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.102mm .004″ BP10 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.127mm .005″ BP12 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.152mm .006″ BP16 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.208mm .008″ BP20 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.254mm .010″ BP25 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.305mm .012″ BP30 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.381mm .015″ BP40 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
.508mm .020″ BP50 150mm x 150mm x 6 pieces
Assortment BP1 150mm x 150mm
(2 x .05mm, .08mm, 1 x .12mm x .25mm)
Assortment BP110 150mm x 300mm
(1 x .05mm, .08mm, .10mm, .12mm, .16mm)
(1 x .20mm, .25mm, .30mm, .40mm, .50mm)


For more information on our range of brass shim or for a quote on brass shim sheet, call us today on 02 4646 1166.