Copper Shim Stock

Our range of copper shim is available in convenient packets or continuous rolls. Copper alloy 110 has excellent ductility and high electrical and thermal conductivity which is supplied in annealed condition 55 (max) VPN which also has good corrosion resistance. Copper is used in a wide range of applications primarily as electrical components such as switches, terminals and connectors, transformers etc.  Other uses include gaskets and shims and is popular with the arts and crafts due to its appearance and workability. We also offer stainless steel shim stock and brass shim sheet.

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copper shim stock
copper shim set
copper shim used in arts and crafts
copper shim roll
Rolled copper shim
Typical Chemical Analysis (% by weight) AS2738.2-1984
(Chemical Analysis is a guide only)
 CopperCU  OxygenO
99.90+ 0.04


COPPER – Rolls

Also available in continuous metres

Thickness 600mm x 1 metre
.10mm .004″ CR106
.16mm .006″ CR166
.25mm .010″ CR256


COPPER – Packets

Thickness Part # Packaged
.10mm .004″ CP103 200mm x 300mm x 6 pieces
.16mm .006″ CP163 200mm x 300mm x 6 pieces
.25mm .010″ CP253 200mm x 300mm x 6 pieces


For more information or for a quote on our range of copper shim, contact us today on 02 4646 1166.